Since its inception in 1994, the bi-annual Sonic Acts festival has questioned, examined, assembled and exhibited contemporary and historical developments at the cutting edge of art, technology, music and science. This year, the fourteenth edition, named Travelling Time, will take place 23-26 February at various locations in Amsterdam. The festival consists of numerous live performances, an international conference, an extensive film programme and an exhibition, complimented by a publication. Each edition has a specific topic. Over the years, Sonic Acts has become internationally renown as an exceptional festival for technology art with specific attention for aesthetics and research into interactivity, new forms for presentation and interfaces, interdisciplinary projects and exploring new alliances between different disciplines. In addition to the bi-annual Sonic Acts festival, the curatorial team will programme the annual Kontraste festival in Krems, Austria from 2011 onwards, presenting cutting-edge sonic experiments, contemporary music and related art forms in a thematic, historical and interdisciplinary context. The next edition will take place from 12-14 October 2012. Sonic Acts - Travelling Time is a four-day festival of concerts, performances, lectures, presentations and exhibitions, taking place 23-26 February, 2012. Titled Travelling Time, this year’s festival offers an intense experience of time and explores radical ideas relating to time. Time is a complex and ambiguous concept. Ongoing technological developments continually change our notions of time. Communication networks operate at light speed and computers process data in real time without human mediation, resulting in a gap between machine time and the human experience of it. Music and the other arts enable us to investigate the nature of time by making the concept tangible, and by changing or intensifying our experience of time. Art is a time machine. Sonic Acts is a journey through time.

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