23 February - 25 February

Workshops and masterclasses by Martin Howse & Nik Gaffney, Robin Hayward, Kurt Hentschläger, and Graham Harman. And the Critical Writing Workshop by Sonic Acts and Gonzo (Circus). Sharpen your thinking and expand your artistic practice by attending the Sonic Acts Masterclasses. They present a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the thinking, working processes and methods of internationally renowned artists and thinkers. The masterclasses are aimed at professional artists, musicians, composers, filmmakers, academics and advanced students. Apply now by sending an email to masterclass[@]sonicacts[.]com. Masterclass Martin Howse & Nik Gaffney: Earth Coding 23–24 February, including a field trip Masterclass Robin Hayward: Tuning Vine Just Intonation 24–25 February Masterclass: Kurt Hentschläger 24 February Masterclass: Graham Harman: The Anthropocene Today 25 February BAK, Utrecht In collaboration with BAK, and the Anthropocene Observatory (exhibition at BAK, Utrecht, 7 February – 26 April).

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