Bill Dietz (Maryanne Amacher Archive)

Bill Dietz

Composer and writer Bill Dietz, born in Bisbee, Arizona, and based in Berlin since 2003, is one of the supervisors of the Maryanne Amacher Archive, founded in 2009. He has worked regularly with Christian von Borries, Catherine Christer Hennix, Chris Newman, and, through 2009, with Maryanne Amacher. Since 2007 he has been the artistic director of Ensemble Zwischentöne, and co-chair of Music/Sound in Bard College’s MFA programme since 2012. He co-founded and edits Ear │ Wave │ Event with Woody Sullender. In 2015 Edition Solitude released his monograph 8 Tutorial Diversions, 2009-2014, with works listeners perform themselves in domestic settings.

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