Nkisi. Photo by Camille Blake

nkisi is the London-based and Belgium-raised DJ/producer Melika Ngombe Kolongo. Her high-octane style fuses various danceable forms, from gabber to doomcore to Central and West African club tracks. As a producer, she fashions densely layered, obstinate tracks designed to trigger and question collective memories. She is the co-founder of NON Records, a collective of artists from the African diaspora who use sound to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power. ‘Nkisi’ is the Congolese term for an anthropomorphic sculpture with healing powers. As courageous meditations on visible and invisible power structures, both Kolongo’s DJ project and the NON collective metaphorically carry out equally reflective, restorative forces. nkisi is a regular at London’s Endless club night alongside other upcoming names like Why Be, Lexxi, Shanti, and Kamixlo.

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