Raphael Vanoli

Raphael Vanoli. Photo by Alexander J.E. Bradley

In both his solo performances as well as his gigs with Knalpot, Amsterdam-based guitarist Raphael Vanoli is on a quest to blend electronic and acoustic sound into a new, unheard musical language. Cherishing real-time sound production, his playing involves custom-made electronic setups that he controls with a complex choreography of hands and feet, while sometimes even using his voice or breath to play the instrument. Next to his sologuitar work, his main band projects include the critically acclaimed, experimental post-rock duo Knalpot with drummer Gerri Jäger. Trained in jazz and classical music, Raphael is also a soloist and performer of a contemporary repertoire by among others Louis Andriessen, Steve Reich and Frederic Rzewski. As a composer he is highly interested in making film music, whether live or in the studio, and has collaborated with filmmakers such as Martha Colburn, Jochem de Vries and Sebastian Diaz Morales. raphaelvanoli.tumblr.com

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