Thomas Ankersmit: Homage to Dick Raaijmakers

Friday 26 February

19:00 - 22:00

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Thomas Ankersmit at Lampo Chicago. Photo by Alex Inglizian

For this electronic music performance, sound artist and composer Thomas Ankersmit delves into the ideas and instruments of a Dutch titan of electronic music, Dick Raaijmakers (1930–2013). Ankersmit’s homage was commissioned for this edition of Sonic Acts Academy and will première during the opening night at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. As a work of contemporary music in its own right, Ankersmit’s homage re-evaluates Raaijmakers’ concepts of sound, composition and spatial experience in a technologically more advanced era. Ankersmit mainly uses similar means as Raaijmakers: tone and noise generators, modulators, filters, mixers, amplifiers and speakers. However, instead of Raaijmakers’ usual method of editing with magnetic tape, Ankersmit uses computer software.


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