J.G. Biberkopf

23.02.21:50 – 22:30Dansmakers

J.G. Biberkopf (Lithuania/Netherlands) works within the paradoxical relationship between club music and art music. His first EP launched the Knives label created by Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare. Ecologies reflects Biberkopf’s overall musical practice, namely the urge to make music sound like a ‘self-sufficient’ ecology that cannot be traced back to him as a creator, instead seeming to originate from an actual landscape. In this vein, to explore the semiotics of sound he works intensively with aural signifiers, taking sounds that are eminent in certain collective consciousness, and noises that work as signs or memes. Part of Maria Bozinovska Jones’ performative piece with AV and laser set Fascia 171208180222 (world premiere).
Photo by Pieter Kers
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