Shadow Channel: Hidden Layers

25.02. 14:50 – 15:20Rana HamadehArtist presentation

Under the Sign of the Test

The Ten Murders of Josephine is a new opera project by Rana Hamadeh. Inherited from the genre of legal spectacle and her earlier claims of viewing justice as the measure to which one can access theatre, The Ten Murders of Josephine explores the constitutive conditions of ‘validity’ within legal discourse. It asks what would it mean to emerge as a ‘testimonial subject’, not only outside the bounds of the court of law but also – and even more so – in place of the legal subject. Thinking the notion of the testimonial as the phonic trace of all that is unspoken and unspeakable, this presentation tests out the limits at which theatre bypasses justice, becoming itself an end to which justice turns into a mere means. 
Photo by Pieter Kers
25.02. 15:20 – 15:50pattenArtist presentation


London-based duo patten will discuss their project 3049, an immersive installation currently taking place both at London’s Tenderpixel gallery and offsite through a labyrinthine publication, online interventions, club nights, live radio broadcasts, and talks. Through this network of activities, they seek to explore the envisioning of a positive, non-dystopic collective future by asking: how do we make it to 3049?
25.02. 15:50 – 16:30Kei Kreutler, Jelena ViskovicArtist presentation

Total Liquidity Now

‘At first we thought it was the weather.’ Years later, we were still unsure precisely for whom we were trading. It started off as trafficking in glitches – small, sparkling shards floating on our wraparound screens – appearing from an app by Voploshcheniye Inc. that downloaded and installed itself on all citizens’ Pods. We could trade these floating shards, called ‘elements’, with others nearby who were checked in to the city’s blocknet. The app kept a record of all our trades, our preferences, and when they hit a critical mass, that’s when the Patternist-3 planet started to be revealed – translucent, skin-like lands hovering just slightly above us. We’re here – just as much as you are – to try to understand what happened, keeps happening, and to present our research on this appearance and technical aberration as best we can. This presentation comes from a speculative reality five years from now, told in the experiential world of Patternist, an augmented reality demo game for urban research, alternative economies, and sci-fi visions. Patternist will be presented by Jelena Viskovic, Kei Kreutler, Holly Childs, and Alessandro Bertelle.
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