This Woman is Called Jasna (world premiere)

25.02. 13:50 – 14:50Nicole HewittFilm, Live performance

Ruins Episode 3 2015, 18 min, Croatia Removals Episode 9 2017, 40 min, Croatia, live performance / world premiere This hour features two instalments – a film and a live performance – from Nicole Hewitt’s project This Woman is Called Jasna (2015–2017). The project consists of nine episodes and covers 20 years in the life of a woman called Jasna from Vukovar, a town that was under siege during the war in Yugoslavia, who now works as an administrator and witness support worker at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. This fictional project is written in multiple voices and characters. Somewhere between these various encounters float traces of an invisible woman called Jasna. In the film Ruins (Episode 3) (18 min), Jasna reflects on the images of ruins in her town and their status in academic discourse and the court transcripts of expert forensic witness suffering from amnesia. Following the film is a live performance of Removals (Episode 9) (40 min). This final episode, after the closure of the tribunal in December 2017, revisits earlier stories through layering official documents with a poetic voice, vocal loops, field recordings, and spoken word. Performed live by Nicole Hewitt with Vida Guzmić and Ivan Slipčević
Still from live performance
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