Dirk Hebel & Jörg Stollmann: Misuse/Technology/Architecture (Sonic Acts XIII, 2010)

http://www.sonicacts.com/portal/index.php/dirk-hebel-jorg-stollmann-misusetechnologyarchitecture-sonic-acts-xiii-2010/ Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology. Strategies of misuse reveal the challenges and potential of space and can be turned into tools for design and appropriation. A guided tour though the works of INSTANT Architects: from the schizophrenic re-appropriation of a 1930s model home to a PET-bottle that wants to save the world. Dirk Hebel and Jörg Stollmann provide a guided tour. Dirk Hebel (CH) is an architect whose research addresses the conceptual transfers between the human body and the contemporary city, and he has recently co-published a book initiating a plea for a new type of architectural practice. Jörg Stollmann (CH) teaches Urban Design and Architecture in Berlin. He works in various collaborations and was principal of the INSTANT Architects project with Dirk Hebel. This presentation was part of the "Session 6: Invisible Architecture".

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