Keller Easterling: Extrastatecraft

SONIC ACTS FESTIVAL – THE DARK UNIVERSE Keller Easterling: Extrastatecraft 23 February 2013 – De Balie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands --- The free economic zone has become a contagious world city paradigm. While in the 1960s there were a mere handful of such zones around the world, today there are thousands, with some spanning hectares and some square kilometres. Operating under authorities independent from the domestic laws of its host country, the zone typically provides special infrastructures and a set of business incentives such as tax exemptions, foreign ownership of property, streamlined customs, cheap labour and deregulation of labour or environmental provisions. As the double or proxy of major cities and even national capitals, it is an ecstatic, media-genic celebration of tax havens, global corporate networks and ‘extrastatecraft’. Keller Easterling (US) is an architect, writer and professor at Yale University. Her books include Enduring Innocence:GlobalArchitectureanditsPoliticalMasque- rades,andOrganizationSpace:Landscapes,Highwaysand HousesinAmerica.Aforthcomingbook,Extrastatecraft: Infrastructure Space and Political Arts, examines global infrastructure networks as a medium of polity.

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