COLTERRAIN BY TINA FRANK 10'20'' 35MM VERTICAL CINEMASCOPE COLOUR SOUND: COH AUDIO TO VIDEO: GREGOR GÖTTFERT my tv has no picture, just vertical colour lines… sound is fine… Colterrain, the title of this film, refers to a colourful landscape, a terrain described by lines similar to geographic mapping – in this case a mapping of sound. What you hear is what you see, literally. The audio was transmitted through a Synchronator device that translates audio frequencies into RGB video frequencies. With this method, the image is actually the music turned into colour and filmed live using analogue equipment. Listening to the sound evolving, one becomes a witness to colourful movements. At some point we no longer know which comes first: is it the lines going inwards or outwards, or the colours crawling up or down? And why are human beings so strongly connected to moving lines anyway? A line implies action because it is created by a dot moving from one place to another. The moving line becomes a field, which in turn is an area of colour. Like Rothko’s Colour Field paintings, Colterrain also strives for an intense experience between viewer and image. Colterrain intentionally plays with the vertical nature of the Vertical Cinema project. The visual split in the centre of the screen becomes a portal to other dimensions, a visual door to the world of sound. This film is part of the Vertical Cinema project, see for more information: Vertical Cinema is a Sonic Acts production in collaboration with Kontraste Festival, Austrian Film Museum, Filmtechniek BV, Paradiso Amsterdam, European Space Agency, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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