D-Fuse: Latitude (Sonic Acts XII, 2008)

Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology. Inspired by the idea of drifting through the city, Latitude 3110N /12128E follows the emotive qualities of the space that surrounds us. Fragments of conversations, crowds, journeys, lights, deserted spaces and architectural contrasts are reconstructed to form a unique live performance that traces the multitude of paths, identities, encounters and influences that constitute everyday life in the city. D-Fuse is a group of artists and designers who explore the relationship between image and sound, it was founded by Michael Faulkner in the mid 90s. D-Fuse encourage their audience to reflect on the process of experiencing their performances in a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory way. Working across a wide range of creative media, from live audiovisual performances, mobile media, web and print to art and architecture, TV and film, D-Fuse have collaborated with groundbreaking musicians Scanner and Beck. As well as contemporary classical composers Steve Reich and the Italian ensemble Alter Ego (that works with Salvatore Sciarrino and Philip Glass). D-Fuse’s visual art is screened internationally at festivals and in museums. Their first solo exhibition entitled Transmit at the MU in Eindhoven presented a retrospective of D-Fuse’s diverse practices. http://www.dfuse.com The performance of D-Fuse was held on 23 February as part of a night "of cinematic experiences and special projections featuring old and new heroes of the audiovisual avant-garde".

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