David P.D. Munns: A Single Sky

SONIC ACTS FESTIVAL – THE DARK UNIVERSE David P.D. Munns: A Single Sky 22 February 2013 – De Balie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands --- Humanity now sees the universe with far more than merely its eyes. The last half-century has exploded the once comfortable notion of astronomy as a science centred on seeing. Since the invention of radio, we now listen to the universe and rockets transport telescopes and detectors into space itself to receive all the information the heavens throw at us, from gamma to radio waves. Munns’ talk takes us through a few of the pivotal moments when people learned to see the stars and galaxies through radio. David P. D. Munns (US) is a historian of science and technology. MIT Press recently published his first book, A Single Sky: How an International Community Forged the Science of Radio Astronomy. He is currently finishing another book on the science of the biological effects of climate change.

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