Edward Shanken&Yolande Harris: Tuning In and Spacing Out: The Art and Science of the Presentness of Sound (Sonic Acts XIII,2010)

http://www.sonicacts.com/portal/index.php/edward-shankenyolande-harris-tuning-in-and-spacing-out-the-art-and-science-of-the-presentness-of-sound-sonic-acts-xiii2010/ Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology. A presentation that explores sound and space as modes of understanding environmental phenomena. Drawing on a variety of examples from sound art, visual art, and science, Harris and Shanken weave together extreme ideas from the mythic and scientific significance of marine mammals to the surprising interconnectedness of the sea andouter-space. A consideration of how ways of experiencing space through sound modulate between fact and fantasy, actual and virtual. Edward A. Shanken (US) writes and teaches about the entwinement of art, science and technology, with a focus on interdisciplinary practices involving new media. His critically appraised survey, Art and Electronic Media, was published in 2009. Yolande Harris (UK) uses her performances, installations and instruments to investigate how we use sound to relate to our surroundings, both architectural and ecological. Her current research/practice considers the musical potential of sound worlds outside the human hearing range, through underwater bioacoustics and the sonification of data. This presentation was part of "Session 5: Soundwalks, Acoustic Spaces and Field Recordings".

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