Interview Raviv Ganchrow

SONIC ACTS FESTIVAL – THE GEOLOGIC IMAGINATION Interview Raviv Ganchrow 1 March 2015 - Australiehaven, port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Interview by Oleg Khardatsev and Zhanna Guzenko / Fridaymilk Fridaymilk (RU) is a well-known media platform in Murmansk, Russia, run by a team of 10 people who are eager to promote new life approaches and facilitate discussions and conversations on issues in the Barents Region. --- Raviv Ganchrow (US/NL) completed his architectural studies at the Cooper Union, New York, in 2000, and received a second degree, in 2004, from the Institute of Sonology at The Royal Conservatory, The Hague. Ganchrow is a sound artist and researcher. His work focuses on interrelations between sound and space, aspects of which are explored through sound installations, writing and the development of acoustic-forming and vibration-sensing technologies. Since 2006 he has been a faculty member at the Institute of Sonology, The Hague.

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