Interview Raviv Ganchrow - The Geologic Imagination Book Launch

Interview with Raviv Ganchrow about his new work: Long Wave Synthesis 17 January 2015 at De Balie Amsterdam Long Wave Synthesis is a land-art scale sound installation that investigates infrasound, and probes the relations between how we perceive the landscape and long-wave vibrations. The piece creates a complex topography of acoustic waves in a range of 4 to 30 Hz (mostly in the infrasound range, below the threshold of human hearing) spreading out from an array of custom-built, very low frequency generators. Long Wave Synthesis focuses on material properties of sound, and investigates ways in which a location manifests itself through interactions between walking, territory and sonic attention. The long waves physically interact with the topography and atmospheric conditions, while simultaneously ‘oscillating’ our sense of the surroundings.

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