Monolake and Tarik Barri: Monolake Live Surround (Sonic Acts XIII, 2010)

Monolake & Tarik Barri: Monolake Live Surround (Sonic Acts XIII, 2010) This performance by Monolake and Tarik Barri was part of Sonic Acts XIII: The Poetics of Space and took place in 2010. Founded in 1995 by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles, Monolake (DE) is an open project dedicated to computer-generated music. Robert Henke was born 1969 in Munich, moved to Berlin in 1990 and studied sound engineering and computer science. His works use multi-channel audio to explore how sound can redefine physical and mental spaces, and how much time is required for the structure of a musical idea to emerge. Tarik Barri (NL) is an audiovisual composer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Reflecting his interests in programming, drawing and composing into a coherent multimedial discipline, he developed and uses software that merges audio and visuals into a new audiovisual reality.

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