Panel The Dream Machine, Part 2: Kurt Hentschläger: Flicker, Feedback, Void (Sonic Acts XII, 2008)

Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology. "The Dream Machine" broached the issue of time and senses in cinema. In the past and the present, artists using the flicker effect conceive of cinema as a dream machine - sometimes literally. Henschlägers talk focused on his performance FEED (2005-2007) and elaborates on a statement from Marco Mancuso, who wrote that FEED plays "on the loss of the susal physical-spatial coordinates, on the continuous solicitation of the retina and on the direct relation that it bears to specific areas of the human brain; on the multi-sensorial, synaesthetic approach to sound and 2D/3D patterns that are autonomously created by the objects in the performance; on the physical-sensorial immersivity and on the resulting emotional stimulation, deriving from direct experience, and by the direct establishment of a correspondence between our body and technology". Chicago-based Austrian artist Kurt Henschläger (AT) creates audiovisual composition, that research the nature of human perception and the accelerated impact of new technologies on individual consciousness. This talk was given as part of the Pane 'The Dream Machine', together with TeZ, on 22 February, 2008.

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