Karl Klomp - Progress Bar Light and Video Design

Sonic Acts Academy 2018 24-25 February 2018 Paradiso Noord/Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.sonicacts.com

For Sonic Acts Academy 2018, in collaboration with Elevate Festival, media artist Karl Klomp designed the lighting and video elements of Progress Bar at Sonic Acts Academy 2018. Over two consecutive nights, Klomp produced an innovative spatial set up utilising lights, lasers and visuals to complement the progressive clubbing environment and the nineteen performing artists and DJs hosted at Tolhuistuin. Klomp’s work explores themes of circuit bending, improvisation, glitching, and complex dynamics - fitting seamlessly with the themes of de-normalization, empowerment, activism, re-imagination and speculative culture explored by Progress Bar. The installation connects sound, light, visuals and space to create a heightened sensory experience for the audience. The essential visual and spatial components off the installation, actively involve the audience with the performance and space, as the visual experience is an often overlooked element when considering the social impact of dance music and club spaces. In a subtle way the installation assists in forming an environment in which the public feels included and aware of the potential of spatial, structural and social transformations.

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