Dark Ecology 2015

The second Dark Ecology research Journey took place from 26–30 November 2015. Participants traveled from Kirkenes in Norway’s northern extremes, to the neighbouring town Nikel (just across the border in Russia), Zapolyarny and to the largest city in the far north: Murmansk (Russia). The programme included lectures by Graham Harman, Susan Schuppli and a talkshow presented by Fridaymilk as well as the presentation of commissioned works by Joris Strijbos, Margrethe Pettersen, Hilary Jeffery, HC Gilje, Tatjana Gorbachewskaya and Katya Larina that each related to themes explored during the journey. Dark Ecology is a three-year art, research and commissioning project, initiated by the Dutch organisation Sonic Acts and Kirkenes-based curator Hilde Methi, in collaboration with Norwegian, Russian and other European partners. Dark Ecology unfolds through research, the creation of new artworks, and a public programme in the zone on both sides of the Russian–Norwegian border. The programme includes lectures, presentations of commissioned artworks, curated walks, a discursive programme, and performances. www.darkecology.net

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