Louis Henderson: “Animism is the only sensible version of materialism”

SONIC ACTS ACADEMY Louis Henderson: “Animism is the only sensible version of materialism” 27 February 2016 - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, the Netherlands --- For some time I have been working towards an archaeological cinema that investigates political problems inherent within institutional archives. Recently my work has moved towards a materialist reading of the digital and the space of the Internet as an archival/archaeological site within which resistance to capitalism and social control can be excavated and engendered. In the last few years I have also explored the potential for technologically induced animist experience within cinema as a way to release revolutionary collective modes of being that can work towards the decolonisation of thought in, about and through cinema. My research has particularly focused on the problems and potentialities of e-waste in Ghana, voodoo-inspired e-mail scamming practices, histories of decolonial revolutions, connections between neocolonial gold mining and data mining, the colonisation of the space of the Cloud, the use of coding and algorithmic capture as a form of necropolitical control within the plantation-capitalist system of the Americas, and more recently, the idea that The unity is submarine.

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