Book – The Art of Programming – Sonic Acts 2001

Format: 17 x 24 cm Edited by Sonic Acts Designed by Published by Sonic Acts Press Amsterdam Book, paperback, 177 pp., English text, illustrated Extra CD and DVD Sonic Acts 2002 €12.50 The conference The Art of Programming was held during the 9th edition of the Sonic Acts festival (6-9 December 2001) and contained topics of recent international developments in digital art and music. During the festival several challenging questions came up for discussion, dealing with the role of art and artists in the 21st century. Will the technological and biological revolutions be followed by a similar revolution in art? Can interactive art forms result in a new practice of art that connects organic life forms, the human body and human awareness in a new way? Will all this lead to a new fusion of art and science? Table of Contents CD & DVD contains (live) footage from: Claustrum, Dadata, Beta Bodega Coalition, Meta, Phako, Minuszero, Kent, Out of Data, Monolake, Jan Jelinek, visomat inc., Otto van Schirach, Pfadfinderei, DLF, Micromusic, Scanner, Framefarmers, Rechenzentrum, Meam, Bola, Perspects and more. Total time: 18:48 11 Introduction 12 Sonic Acts 2001 conference, The Art of Programming by Rick van der Ploeg Part 1. Digital art 17 Moist ontology by Roy Ascott 39 The jelly baby on my knee by Mike Punt 48 Body, interface, navigating sense and state space by Thecla Schiphorst 56 Dismantling teleological navigation by Chris Speed 65 Stupid and Pointless by Adrian Ward aka Slub 69 Computational kinetic sculpture by Casey ReasPart 2. Digital music 81 Music and the art of programming by Paul Berg 85 Electro-acoustical improvisation by Joel Ryan 93 An improvised talk on my work by Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner 101 Computer music by Robert Hencke aka Monolake 107 Structured thinking by Kent Clelland Part 3. Digital education 117 Computer linguistics and music education by Remko Scha 121 Instruments of the Balkans: musicology and computer science in Amsterdam by Wouter Hager 126 The programming of art by Arthur Elsenaar 131 Postgraduate professional education in the visual arts at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen by Adger Stokvisch 137 From art to programming by Lucas van der Velden 140 The Masters degree course in Media Technology at Leiden University by Bas Haring 145 Sequential imaging by Bob Karhof Part 4. Evaluation and perspective 153 Sound Sculptures by Frans de Ruiter 157 The Royal Academy of Fine Arts: New Media and Art Education by Jack Verduyn Lunel 162 Sonic Acts: What we learned, what we enjoyed and where we are going by Frans Evers 168 Sonic Light; Composing light, articulating space by Joost Rekveld

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