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Book, paperback, 183 pp., English text, illustrated
Sonic Acts 2008

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Book | Paperback | English | Illustrated | 183 pp. | Published by Sonic Acts Press| 2008

On the occasion of the twelfth Sonic Acts festival, Boris Debackere and Arie Altena edited a multi-faceted book with nine essays and ten interviews dealing with various aspects of the cinematic experience. The book focuses as much on theories of the cinematic experience, as it does on the practice of artists working in the fields of cinema, contemporary media art and sound. It offers a many-sided theoretical journey into the history, present and future of the magic we call cinema.

Table of Contents

  • 11 Introduction by Boris Debackere
  • 17 The Mechanization of the Magical Sign by Joost Rekveld
  • 35 Heightening Experience Interview with Kurt Hentschläger by Arie Altena
  • 43 The Immersive Experience: Aspects and Challenges by Rob Vanderbeeken
  • 57 Drones Are a Defeat of Time and Space Interview with Stephen O’Malley by Arie Altena
  • 63 Notes on Cinema and Prosthetic Memory by Thomas Zummer
  • 75 612.43 WEISS is Almost Cinema, It Stops Just Before It Really Becomes Cinema Interview with Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag by Arie Altena
  • 83 The Location of the Cinematic Experience by Lucrezia Cippitelli
  • 91 Experience is Being Thrown into Uncharted Territory, Then You Discover Things Interview with Ernie Gehr by Martijn van Boven and Arie Altena
  • 101 Maybe Cinematic Experiences on the Web Can Touch People as Much as Cinema Interview with Simon Ruschmeyer by Jan Hiddink
  • 107 A Few Thoughts on Cinematic Experience Duration, Structural Film and the Comforts of the Cinema by Greg Kurcewicz
  • 115 On the Internet I Do Not Need Somebody Else to Decide if My Story is Worth Telling Interview with Tom Rawlings and Ana Kronschnabl by Jan Hiddink
  • 119 New Eyes for the Mind by Randy Jones
  • 135 We Have Only Just Started Interview with Lev Manovich by Jan Hiddink
  • 141 The Danger Is That You Become Too Illustrative Interview with Frank Bretschneider by Arie Altena
  • 147 Live Audiovisual Performance as a Cinematic Practice by Jan Schacher
  • 159 The Projector is My Favorite Sonic Object Interview with Tomas Köner by Arie Altena
  • 165 Activating the Visual Cortex Interview with Jürgen Reble by Arie Altena
  • 171 What’s Real About Film by Arjen Mulder
  • 181 Looking for Chattering by Gerard Holthuis

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