Magazine (PDF) – Sonic Acts Academy 2020


Edited by Mirna Belina
Published by Sonic Acts Press
Designed by The Rodina
Magazine, 108 pp., English text, illustrated
Sonic Acts 2020



Magazine | Digital edition (PDF) | 108 pp. | English text | Illustrated | Designed by The Rodina | Edited by Mirna Belina | Published by Sonic Acts Press, Amsterdam | 2020

Sonic Acts Academy was a three-day festival at the intersection of innovative audio-visual and performative art and critical thinking, motivated by changes in the ecological, political, technological and social landscape. Taking place in Amsterdam 21–23 February 2020, the Academy transformed the spaces of partnering institutions – Paradiso, De Brakke Grond, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and OT301 – into a thought-provoking live showcase of various engaged art forms. Three evenings offered a rich programme of live cinema, experimental concerts and progressive club nights. The Academy also invited visitors to join for a conference that featured cutting-edge emerging and well-known artistic voices.

Dedicated to artistic research, the Academy is a condensed rendition of its bigger sister, Sonic Acts Festival – an intensive art, theory and technology event that runs across multiple weeks embracing numerous formats. As one of the most progressive and longest-running festivals in the Netherlands presenting dynamic cross-disciplinary art, Sonic Acts has celebrated compelling artistic perspectives for more than 25 years. The Academy follows in these footsteps but lifts the curtain to fully reveal current artistic reflections on the impact of planetary transformations caused by humans.

Academy 2020 took its cue from inspiring artistic research with a special emphasis on experimentation and innovation. Informed by the urgency of the climate crisis and approaches to new futures, the Academy was an open invitation to listen, talk and learn with one another. Fuelled by over 50 of the most exciting contemporary artists and thinkers from around the globe, the Academy guaranteed three days of near 24/7 live, immersive, expanded and charged experiences and vital critical perspectives.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Plastiglomerate Sea Life by The Rodina
  • 6 Magical Thinking: Towards a Future Worth Living by Mirna Belina
  • 8 Ecotopia – Unlearning Animality by Terike Haapoja
  • 13 Ecology as Intrasectionality by T.J. Demos
  • 17 Listening to Ecocide in the Pacific by Nabil Ahmed, Anja Kanngieser
  • 21 Cloud Walking by Dehlia Hannah
  • 29 Errant Wandering by Nadim Samman
  • 33 Objecthood: On Fire by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros
  • 41 Cosmorama: A Peep Show of the New Space Age by Rania Ghosn, El Hadi Jazairy – DESIGN EARTH
  • 53 Geoglyphs to Live By by Lukáš Likavčan
  • 58 Healing and Killing in the Underground by Daniel Mann
  • 62 Conditions 2020 by MÆKUR
  • 70 Celebrating Collective Joy at Progress Bar by Amie Galbraith
  • 74 Apathy, The New Standard by Ting Ding, DeForrest Brown, Jr.
  • 77 On A Psychedelic Becoming by Hugo Esquinca
  • 84 from bow to ear by Maika Garnica
  • 88 Pavane Op. 50 by Sadaf H Nava
  • 90 Queering Damage by Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting, Laura Benítez Valero
  • 95 Opening to the World of Sounds with Marja Ahti, Marja Ahti in conversation with François Bonnet
  • 98 Sensitive States of Perception, Kali Malone in conversation with François Bonnet
  • 102 Drasland Stretch by Lag OS
  • 106 Biographies


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