Book – Travelling Time – Sonic Acts 2012


Format: 17 x 24 cm
Edited by Arie Altena and Sonic Acts
Published by Sonic Acts Press, Amsterdam
Designed by Femke Herregraven
Book, paperback, 304 pp., English text, illustrated
Sonic Acts 2012

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Book | Paperback | 304 pp. | English text | Illustrated | Designed by Femke Herregraven | Edited by Arie Altena and Sonic Acts | Published by Sonic Acts Press, Amsterdam | 2012

The lavishly illustrated, 304 pages long publication Travelling Time is an accompaniment to Sonic Acts XIV. The book discusses the festival theme from several perspectives and features extensive interviews with Pauline Oliveros (by Nick Cain), Catherine Christer Hennix (by Bill Dietz), Mark Fell, Robin Hayward, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Hilary Jeffery, and Joel Ryan. It also contains essays by Hillel Schwartz on noise and time, Siegfried Zielinski on music automata, Omar Muñoz-Cremers on Science Fiction and time travel, David Edgerton on the history of technology, Enda Duffy on the adrenaline aesthetics of Joyce’s Ulysses, Thomas W. Patteson on Roland Kayn’s cybernetic music, and furthermore texts by George Dyson and Timothy Druckrey. The book is edited by Arie Altena & Sonic Acts and designed by Femke Herregraven.

Table of Contents

  • 6 Sonic Acts XIV
  • 13 Introduction: An Ode to the Experience of Time
  • 18 Reading through Against the Day
  • 20 Images of Time
  • 29 Point Source Solution (excerpt from Turing’s Cathedral) by George Dyson
  • 47 The Time of Roland Kayn’s Cybernetic Music by Thomas W. Patteson
  • 69 Affective and Effective Cultural Technologies before the Media: A Minimal Encyclopedia of Sound Apparatuses and Automata by Siegfried Zielinski
  • 109 Innovation, Technology, or History: What is the History of Technology About? by David Edgerton
  • 113 Knowledge of Musical Time Interview with Joel Ryan by Arie Altena
  • 143 ‘I generally work with milliseconds, not beats per minute’ Interview with Mark Fell by Arie Altena
  • 153 ‘There is no physics of experience’ Interview with Pauline Oliveros by Nick Cain
  • 161 ‘Sound must work as more than just a signifier’ Bill Dietz in conversation with Catherine Christer Hennix
  • 179 Pitches Treated as Noise Interview with Robin Hayward by Arie Altena
  • 189 Opening up New Spaces, Exploring Time Interview with Hilary Jeffery by Arie Altena
  • 201 ‘You can make extremely loose music with computers’ Interview with Keith Fullerton Whitman by Arie Altena
  • 209 The Amplification of the Soul through Technology Interview with Gilles Aubry by Arie Altena
  • 219 Out of Time, & the Buzz by Hilel Schwartz
  • 233 Ulysses becomes Electra: Electric Energy in Joyce’s Novel by Enda Duffy
  • 265 Arrest and Movement by Timothy Druckrey
  • 277 Trapped in Time by Omar Muñoz-Cremers
  • 293 Function of the Machine (excerpt from How to Construct a Time Machine) by Alfred Jarry
  • 295 Biographies
  • 299 Image Credits
  • 302 Colophon

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