Hidden Layers

23.02. – 24.02. Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin

Under the alias Hidden Layers, Shadow Channel – a temporary masters programme at the Sandberg Institute – will reveal an immersive media structure that is open for the duration of the radical Progress Bar evenings and beyond. A space for streaming, performing, and knowledge sharing, it invites visitors to step out of their high-speed surroundings into a contemplative spatial experience. SC addresses topics including semantic camouflage, immersive fictional realities, migration, intimacy, and the occult. The collective aims to facilitate an exchange of stories and knowledge in order to sharpen our collective gaze and reveal entities hidden in plain sight. On display in Tuinzaal, Tolhuistuin (Paradiso Noord) Friday: 23:00–06:00 Saturday: 18:00–06:00
Hidden Layers
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