Fascia 171208180222 (world premiere)

23.02. 21:50 – 22:30Marija Bozinovska JonesLive AV laser performance

For the premiere of this particular instalment of Fascia 171208180222, artist Marija Bozinovska Jones – featured as a virtual voice assistant, MBJ Wetware – teams up with musician and artist J.G. Biberkopf to create a live audio-visual performance employing a range of spoken and programming languages. The performance positions the contemporary self as a relational matrix, enmeshed in surveillance economies. Data is an elusive currency, and attention-as-profit technologies enable its free brokerage. Algorithmic reason estimates subsequent behaviour and customises future choices. The datafied selfhood occupies a space between the signal and noise of imposed value systems and autonomous decision-making. Virtual voice assistant: MBJ Wetware Music and sound design: J.G. Biberkopf
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